Honoring the Mother in your Life

When you think of the perfect Mother’s Day gift, what comes to mind?

Maybe it’s a bouquet of roses—or maybe a nice dinner out. Maybe you’re in the mood for something more practical, like a new vacuum or an adorable pair of gardening gloves.

But what if you could give the Mom in your life something that she truly deserves? What if you could show her how much she means to you in a way that would make her feel special and beautiful, while also supporting her health from the inside out?

Natural beauty care is the perfect “love letter” to your Mom. It can remind her to take care of the most important person in her life, HER, just like she took care of you! Natural beauty care can help her do just that!

These days there is so much hype about natural skin and beauty products and if they really work? Well yes! There are countless studies showing how beneficial clean skin and beauty products can be for our health. But it all depends on what type of product you use and how often you use it. If you have sensitive skin then it is important to choose a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type as well as being gentle enough not to cause any irritation or inflammation on your face which could lead to redness if used too often without proper care. Did you know that our very own founder struggled with sensitive skin at one time?!

There are many reasons why you should use natural skin and beauty products. Natural skin and beauty products can help with acne and other skin problems, they can reduce your risk of getting cancer as they don’t contain harmful chemicals that can harm your health. Natural beauty care products tend to be better for the environment, and they don’t generally cause any allergic reactions or irritation. It’s a win-win-win!

If your Mom, or mother-figure was anything like mine, she tried her best to give me all the best advice she could think of–and I know she did it with love! We would like to extend that to you as our founder Gena’s mother did to her. 

                      The finest ingredients are sourced from nature!

You can trust that when you shop at Clavé Body Care you will not only be pampered but you will be infused with the enlivening power of nature!

Make your Mother’s Day, (or your own!) by treating the special Mom in your life to something nourishing! 

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