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Welcome to the Sensual World of Clavé . . .
Essential Oils…Natural Fragrances… 100% Organic Ingredients… Blended Just For You


Our founder, raised in Europe, her passion for herbal and natural products began at an early childhood age. During long walks in the woods, her mother introduced her to all of nature’s finest ingredients. She bathed her in luxurious chamomile and washed her hair with twelve different herbs – a heavenly-scent that she’s never forgotten.

Her company is the extension of her mother’s love of nature, which has been passed down to her. Those endearing memories and the essence of nature’s ingredients are all blended into this exclusive line of CLAVE’ products made especially for YOU!

All products you will see here is safe and effective, made in small batches from herbs and aromatherapy oils that are designed to protect your skin in a very natural way.

Nurture your body, cherish your life, that’s our creed! Thank you for visiting.

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