Is Organic Really Better?

You may ask, “Why organic skin care?” In a nutshell, they are toxin-free and do not contain harsh chemicals, detergents or preservatives that can harm your body and skin. Organic products are derived from plants and other natural ingredients that contain beneficial nutrients for the skin. As a result, they rarely cause skin allergies, inflammation or irritation. And, they are better for the environment.

Look around you – see and feel that a lot of elements directly and indirectly affect our well-being. Can we protect ourselves? The answer is yes – to some extent – with healthy eating, daily exercise and by watching what we put on our skin.

To start, read product labels as you do when it comes to the foods you eat.  Remember that what you apply to your skin is absorbed by your body and enters your blood stream.  This should not be ignored.  Look for ingredients that originate from plants, not synthesized in laboratories. Most of mainstream skin care products are packed with mineral oils, synthetic colors, perfumes and harsh preservatives that are not nurturing, rejuvenating or healing to the skin or hair.

Some of the ingredients on organic or natural skincare products may appear to be synthesized in laboratories but are natural or at least mostly natural.  These ingredients are normally approved by NPA (Natural Product Association –

Healthy skin is vibrant, silky, smooth, elastic and well-hydrated.  As we age, our skin ages faster because it is the only barrier to protect us against free radicals; we are losing the elasticity, moisture and softness. Apply skin care products that penetrate the skin by going deep within the pores and at the same time, trap moisture in the skin and provide nutrients for your skin.

Remember that using organic skin care products should not be considered a luxury but rather necessity for your well-being.   

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