What’s your daily skincare routine?

You see people with healthy and glowing skin. It’s not because they have extra, secret genes. It is likely because they are committed to their daily skincare routine. However, it is overwhelming when you look at the number of skincare products on the store shelves and deciding which one will give you gorgeous, glowing skin. You may ask yourself how many products do you need to have. To make it simple and easy to follow, think of your skincare routine in three steps:


This the first step of your daily routine to good skincare. Wash your face with warm water or cleanser.  Washing face will help to get rid of dirt, pollutants and other free radicals – not necessarily squeaky clean, you don’t want to wash off healthy oils from your skin.  Be mindful that water or cleanser alters your normal skin PH balance of 5.5


You absolutely need to add toner after cleansing to have healthy looking skin. It tightens pores and remove the last trace of impurities left after you wash your face. If you believe facial toners dry skin, use alcohol-free toner, so is not as drying. One of the main benefits of toner is to restore PH balance of the skin rather quickly to 5.5.


The third crucial step for healthy skin is moisturizing. Moisturizing will prevent skin damage from outside elements and dehydration.  Most moisturizers contain vitamins, oils and botanical extracts that improve or reduce the fine wrinkles and give the appearance of healthy and smooth skin. Choose a moisturizer without perfume/ alcohol – that will dry the skin. In addition, you should add an eye cream to moisturize the sensitive skin around your eyes.  The right eye cream may reduce or eliminate dark circles and puffiness.

There are a great number of cleansers, toners and moistures out there which may be challenging to pick the right ones. However, in order to choose the right products, it would be beneficial if you know your skin type (dry, oily, or combination). Buy products that work synergically with your skin type.