Why are Organic Skincare Products Better for You?


September 23, 2019 - With all the harsh elements surrounding us daily, how do we ensure we are taking care of our skin properly, and are organic skincare products the right way to go? The question is, can we protect ourselves? The answer is yes, to some extent. Healthy eating, frequent exercise, and watching what we put on our skin, can go a long way in protecting us from harsh elements.

You can start by reading product labels as you do for food labels. Look for ingredients that are plant originated, not synthesized in laboratories. Most mainstream skincare products are packed with mineral oils, synthetic colors, perfumes, and harsh preservatives that are not nurturing, rejuvenating, or healing to the skin. There are also products that may contain ingredients that were produced in a laboratory, but are natural or at least almost natural. These ingredients are normally approved and certified by the Natural Product Association (NPA).

So, why choose organic skincare products? In a nutshell, they are toxin free and do not contain harsh chemicals, detergents, or preservatives that can harm your body and your skin. Opt for these, even if they do cost a little extra, see it as an investment in your skin. Remember that using organic skincare products should not be considered a luxury but rather a necessity for your wellbeing. 

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